Recipe Review: Teriyaki Glazed Salmon

Monday thru Friday can be nuts if you are a Dad working full time while also being the one that’s home the most. Sometimes its impossible to get a good dinner together for your family with the limited time available. This salmon recipe was not only easy, but delicious!  Lets take a look at how easy this was.

Here is what we’ll need for this recipe:

  • Salmon
  • 1 Lb Fresh Green Beans (trim off the ends
  • 1 TBSP Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Kosher Salt
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • 2 TBSP Teriyaki Sauce Per Filet


As I stated earlier, this recipe is super easy. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Take a cookie sheet and line it with parchment paper. Do not use foil. Spread out your green beans around the pan, leaving space in the middle for your salmon. Place your salmon down in the middle section you left clear.


Clearly I forgot the Teriyaki sauce when taking this picture.  Don’t forget it!

Lightly drizzle the olive oil over the green beans while rolling them around to make sure they all get lightly coated. Sprinkle both the beans and the salmon with some salt and fresh ground pepper, and then place 2 tablespoons of Teriyaki sauce onto each piece of salmon. That’s it!

Put the tray into the oven for 15 minutes and you will have a fantastic dinner.


Serve this meal with a rice of choice. I highly recommend this recipe. My 4 year old ate all of her salmon, all the rice, and most of her green beans. When this happens, I know a recipe is special.

I will be making this one again.



A Fantastic New Product For Your Face

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but more and more “manly” products have been showing up in the shaving isles of stores. They all seem to follow the latest trend of rugged, woodsy, ceder, pine, or bourban scents. Oddly enough, I have fallen for these products. There is something about them that I enjoy. While many of these products are awful, Lumber Yard might be one of the best I have used.

Browsing the shaving isle at target, I was drawn to the simplistic design of the Lumber Yard products. The first one I grabbed was the Lumber Yard Beard Wash. The back of the package touted the usual benefits of using beard wash, but then mentioned that it smelled like saw dust. What? Yeah..I had to try this. Wanting to have the whole experience, I also grabbed the “Utility Balm,” which was described as a moisturizer for your hair, skin, beard, or tattoo. This was also supposed to smell like saw dust.

After finding my wife in the store, listening to her laugh and mock me for being a sucker, I went home and showered so that I could turn into Paul Bunyon. The shampoo was amazing. Not only did it smell like saw dust, but the smallest amount produced a ton of lather. Once I got out, I started to apply the Utility Balm. Once again, it smelled just like saw dust. The best part was that it wasn’t overwhelming, but subtle. I applied some to my facial hair and some areas near my nose and cheeks that typically get dry. I have noticed a huge difference and it smells great.

When I was finished doing all of this, I went down stairs feeling extremely masculine (which is weird because none of what I had just done was very manly). I made my wife smell my beard, which she reluctantly did, and she was pleasantly surprised.

Lumber Yard products are probably the best I have used. Looks like I found a product I can stick with.

Westbrook Brewing Co. IPA

Aside from being a fan of IPAs, I also fancy the occasional Sour. Westbrook makes one of the best Goses I’ve ever tasted. When I saw their IPA on the shelf, I was giddy with excitement. Priced at $12.99 a six pack, I grabbed one off the shelf and brought it home to meet the family.

I was honestly taken back by this beer. It was dated 3/5/18, so it was really fresh. The Westbrook IPA pours a golden haze with a nice white head. There are hits of citrus and hops, but an equal representation of malt. It definitely didn’t seem like a beer with “massive hop flavor” like the description written on the can.

This isn’t a terrible beer. The flavors in this beer are easy to identify and simple. The citrus and pine that the hops bring, along with more malt then you would typically taste in today’s IPAs. I think the reason I was so taken back by this beer, is because it is so incredibly ordinary. I was not expecting it at all. Their Gose is so bold, and so “in your face,” that I was expecting more from this IPA.

This is going to be a 6 pack I finish, but not one that I will ever buy again. If it were 10 years ago, this beer would rank high on the list for me, but in today’s over-saturated market of great beer, this one is lost.



Saying Goodbye to Facebook (Kind of)

I had quit Facebook. Well kind of…

Coincidentally, right around the time the whole Cambridge Analytica thing came to light, I decided to quit Facebook. It didn’t have anything to do with the news, as I found the entire thing to be a complete joke. I had been tossing it around for a while.

A while back, my mother told me something that my 4 year old daughter had said to her. She told my mom that she didn’t want a cell phone when she grew up, because her dad was always looking at his. This made me angry, mostly because it was true. I run a business, so I get many emails and messages requiring immediate customer service. But, I won’t feed that line to you. I used to tell myself that one all of the time. Everyone uses excuses. It was a Facebook problem.

I’d never really be doing anything productive on Facebook. Mainly it was just thumbing through my news feed, looking for someone to piss me off. That would happen multiple times a day. In today’s political climate, everyone has all kinds of people shoving their beliefs down your throat, and virtue signaling like you wouldn’t believe. Why did I need that?

I had read an article a while back (I don’t remember where) that talked about cell phone addicts being the new “alcoholics” to our children when they grow up. It would be a similar memory that the kid with the drunk parent had, except instead of a bottle, it’s a phone.

Immediately, I deactivated my Facebook account. They provide you with a link that can download everything you ever posted on there as a backup. But deactivating it wasn’t enough. I wanted to delete it. They do not make this easy at all. The only way I found to get this option to delete, is to actually search for “delete” in the “help” section.

After I deleted my profile, I deleted the app from my phone. The next two days were very strange. I quickly noticed the extra time I had, while also habitually grabbing my phone to use the app I no longer had. I found myself using my phone a lot less, in fact my mom would frequently get annoyed that I wasn’t responding to texts. I simply didn’t have my phone on me as much. It was nice. I was also a lot less angry with people in general.

One thing about a Facebook-free life is missing out on things like concert announcements, sales, and other events. This was becoming an issue for me. After some thought, I decided to use my business page to follow the things that I like, but no people.  This way I could get all of the news and events I genuinely wanted, without wanting to punch someone. I would still keep the app off my phone, and I would only check the news feed a few times a day while at work. This system worked for me, and continues to work.

There is no doubt about it. Social media sites are difficult to quit entirely. If only there was some app that would just gather all the Facebook stuff I wanted, and send it to me in an email.

This new method though has definitely improved my life.


Stone: “Limited” Inevitable Adventure Double IPA

I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to buy this.  I was able to find this in single bottles, as I was fairly certain I wouldn’t want a 6 pack of this.  Don’t get me wrong.  Stone used to be my favorite brewery.  For a long time they made some of the best beers around.  The problem I have with them, is that they over-saturate the market 50 variations of the same beer.  I’ve never seen a brewery make so many IPA’s with different titles. Yeah I know….they are all different.  I get it.  But after you try 10 of them, it gets REALLY difficult to the tell the difference.

With all that being said, aside from the “Enjoy By” series, I probably haven’t tried any other Stone beverage in over a year.  Even that has lost it’s luster.  Again, don’t get me wrong.  The “Enjoy By” releases are great.  If I lived in an area that didn’t have incredible beers, canned/bottled a week ago, I would be all over these.  Buffalo, NY has become a beer city, with incredible local beers canned/bottled fresh.  We also are getting more and more beers distributed here.  Basically, we are spoiled.

I saw a Facebook ad for this release, and although I laughed at the prospect of yet another IPA, I figured I would try it.  This is brewed with Loral and Rudi hops.  With an abv of 8.9%, this beer goes down easy.  With a nice balance of caramel malt, grapefruit citrus, and pine, this beer this beer is a solid release.  It’s not amazing, but as my stepfather would say after sipping an average beer: “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

If you are in a market that doesn’t get much in terms of craft beer, this is a great find.  Here in Buffalo, it’s worth trying as a single bottle, but I wouldn’t buy a whole six pack.



What to Expect of Ronda Rousey in the WWE

After months of speculation, Ronda Rousey has finally debuted in the WWE. Just a little less than two weeks ago, she made her first appearance after Asuka (current WWE wrestler) had won the first ever women’s Royal Rumble. For the most part, this was met with praise, and a ton of mainstream media attention. The WWE got exactly what they wanted out of Rousey’s initial appearance.

Now if you follow WWE and pro wrestling in general, you probably know what to expect of her. However, if you haven’t followed WWE in quite some time, and Ronda debuting had peaked your interest, this may answer some questions for you.

Wrestling and Promo Ability

In terms of her being a great in ring competitor, that’ll take time and a lot of it. That’s why many, including long time pro wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, believe she’ll be used in a tag team match at Wrestlemania. As of now, it’s rumoured that she may compete against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon with the Rock (not confirmed) as her partner. Believe it or not, this is the best possible match for the former UFC champion. It gives Triple H the ability to carry the bout with whoever his male counter part will be, and it allows for Rousey to look dominant against non-wrestler, Stephanie McMahon. The option of a tag match ensures that no spotlight is taken from the other full time women on the roster.

Could they throw her in a title picture right away? Sure, but it would be a disaster waiting to happen. Ronda still needs to find her footing when it comes to being comfortable with a WWE script. Even though she’s had exposure to live mic in the past, it doesn’t mean she’ll be great at cutting promos. A lot of the people that are on the current roster still aren’t comfortable with a WWE script, so just imagine how terrible someone not used to that system would do.

Another thing to keep in mind, today’s WWE fan base isn’t very forgiving to performers. If a wrestler can’t connect through a promo or mic, they’re rejected immediately. The WWE shouldn’t risk throwing Ronda into a singles program until she’s fully ready.

How She’s Booked

Ronda Rousey is one of the all time great UFC competitors, which means she knows how to kick ass. With that being said, people that don’t follow the WWE closely will be critical when she doesn’t have the upper hand in a match. That should never be a point of criticism during Ronda’s time with the company. People must keep in mind that in the fictional world of the WWE, the women are just as tough as the women in MMA. Why? It’s because this is still a TV show that’s based on storylines more than anything else. Also, having Rousey beatdown every women with ease takes credibility away from the rest of the women’s roster.

This doesn’t mean she’ll be booked just like every other woman. She’s still a special attraction that deserves to be showcased with the top competitors. The WWE doesn’t have a bad history with booking former MMA fighters. In case some of you may not realize, they booked Brock as an unstoppable monster, and Shayna Bazler as a dominant competitor that can hang with the vets of NXT. On a smaller note, they’ve also given Sonya Deville some credibility with her MMA background.

Appearances on Raw/Smackdown

Rousey has signed a “full time” contract, but we have still yet to see how often she’ll be in attendance. I think it’s safe to say she won’t be on TV every week, but she’ll be at every TV taping leading to her next PPV match. Also, we shouldn’t expect her to wrestle on Raw or Smackdown. Exposing her wrestling more often than not will eventually hurt her character, and take away the aura she carries.

In terms of what show they’ll put her on, my guess is Raw. Smackdown has been a big priority for the WWE since it went live, but they still have a tendency for giving the bigger moments to Raw. Along with that, Stephanie McMahon is the commissioner of Raw, so it makes sense for the first feud. It would still be cool for her to have a run on Smackdown eventually, just to keep the stories fresh.

Most of what I’m saying is pure speculation, so things can always go differently. For all we know, the complete opposite can happen. However, I think my expectations and predictions are fair.

Sierra Nevada Estate Organic Homegrown IPA

There is a lot about this beer that can get you excited when you see this on the counter at the beer store.  Whether it’s the wax coating that covers the beer cap, the classic looking artistic label, or the simple fact that it’s Sierra Nevada, this truly is an eye-catching bottle of beer.

When I was in the beer store holding and debating if I should try this reasonably priced special bottle, the guy stocking the shelf walked by me and said, “Earthy.”

The one thing I hate in the world of beer, is the choice by some breweries to not put dates on their products.  For IPA’s, it is essential.  This bottle did not have a date on it, and against my better judgment I made the purchase.  The man in the store said that he typically gets the beers in a week or so after they are released, and that he just got them in.  Never trust the beer guy.

If my research is correct, this thing came out in late October 2017.  Generously, this beer was probably almost 4 months old.  With that being said, for a 4 month old IPA, this wasn’t terrible.  There was still a mild aroma of hops when the beer was first cracked open.  The wax seal does make a mess when you try uncovering the cap to open it.

I suppose “earthy” was a good way to describe the flavor.  This IPA was more malty then what I would prefer, although it is possible that the newer “juicy” IPA’s are just desensitizing people from appreciating a more classic style IPA.  I have to put that into perspective sometimes.

Overall, this beer tasted more like a really good home-brewed IPA, which isn’t a terrible thing, in fact I think that might be what they were shooting for with this. When this comes out next year, I’d say it’s worth a shot if you can get it close to when it was bottled.

Always check your dates! 3/5