Another Channel 4 Classic: The End of the f***ing World.

I fell in love with Channel 4 shows years ago.  I remember being sick of shows on TV and searching for something new.  It started with “Skins” and then moved onto “The Inbetweeners.”  Then I got into “Misfits,” which was just amazing television.  These shows were so original and insanely edgy, that the American remakes were embarrassingly terrible.  When I saw the trailer for “The End of the F***ing World”, I had a feeling it was going to be great.  Just when I was getting prepared to find an alternate means of acquiring this program, I noticed Netflix had a new “Original”:

Adapted from the graphic novel by Charles Forsman, the show is about a 17 year old kid named James, who believes he is a psycho and thinks that he’s ready to take then next step and kill someone. The problems start piling up once he picks his victim, Alyssa, who ends up being sort of a likable lunatic herself.  Both kids are the products of neglectful parents and traumatic upbringing.

When the two of them decide to give the world the middle finger, they decide to run away together on an adventure that is filled with the expected twists and turns.  All while, Alyssa tries figuring out if she’s in love with James, and James figuring out when he’s going to stick a knife in her throat.

While some aspects of the show remind me of the early days of “Dexter,” Alyssa and James give the viewer and insanely dark, hilarious, love story with an adventure that reminded me of “Thelma and Louise” (that comparison is not a spoiler).



The superlative writing on this show combined with the outstanding cinematography and soundtrack, make this the quickest eight episode binge I have seen in some time.  I think I sent my sister a text, three episodes in, to start watching it.

She finished the series that night.



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