Melvin Brewing: “Melvin IPA”

I haven’t reviewed a beer in quite a while, years actually.  The whole craft beer scene just got way too overwhelming.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  The selection if you live in a “beer city” can be fantastic.  Here in Buffalo, NY, we are blessed with unbelievable amounts of beer.  You can go to a shitty grocery store, and you are guaranteed to find something good.  It also helps that we have seen an explosion of great local beers as well.

There was a lot about the beer scene here that also turned me off.  Mainly, “beer geeks.”  I was one, at least I thought.  It got to the point where dudes were criticizing other dudes for the glass they chose to drink from.  It got to the point where dudes were waking up early to stand in line at the beer store for some limited release.  It got to the point where dudes where exhibiting some of the lamest behavior, that there was no way these guys were getting sex.

There was one more thing that bothered me.  If i did a review and a beer was terrible, I would tell my readers that the beer was terrible!  This was apparently frowned upon.  All beers were to be looked at as art, and it is not proper to write anything rude about them. I became so annoyed with it, that I stopped writing reviews.

Well….after a few years, I’ve decided that I’m going to review beers again.  And I’m going to write about beers however I want.  We are not discussing fine art here…let’s not kid ourselves.  Yes there is a respected science involved with brewing…I get that.  But if a product is shit, I’m going to call it exactly that.  In the end, it’s still a product that gets consumed to cause intoxication, severe bloating, and adolescent behavior.  With that being said…

The Melvin IPA.

This beer was extremely disappointing.  I think I was extra pissed because it was $14.99 a six pack.  When I saw the date on the bottom, I gave it SOME slack, but not much.  It was a little over two months old, but in a can.  It should still taste good.

The beer poured nicely, a lot darker in color then I anticipated.  There was some citrus aroma but I could smell more malt then I wanted.  Even the head on the poor withered away to nothing quickly, almost looking flat.

In the end, this beer tasted like it was brewed by a home brewer that was trying for their first IPA.  It’s possible that I had a bad batch…..I guess……but at $14.99 I won’t be giving it a second chance.

(I have had their 2X4 IPA, which was very good.)


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