New Music Friday (and a rant)

David Byrne is set to release his first solo album in 14 years.  This first single from the album is definitely something to get excited for.  At 65 years old, it doesn’t appear that Byrne has lost a step.  “Everybody’s Coming To My House” is the perfect blend of old Talking Heads with a slightly new (subtle) progressive rock sound.  I’m fortunate enough to be able to see him perform here in Buffalo, NY soon.

This is exciting.  The Breeders are releasing their first album in 10 years and will be touring with the “Last Splash” lineup.  The new single “All Nerve” could pass for something they released back in the 90’s.

I listen to a wide variety of music, so this one might turn some people off.  Wicca Phase Springs Eternal has become a fascination of mine over the past few months.  I’ve listened to almost everything he has done, yet I still can’t tell if his music is unbelievably terrible, or insanely original.  Wicca Phase manages to combine a goth singing voice with hiphop (sort of). The music is always dark, but sometimes mesmerizing.  Before instantly dismissing this, it’s worth checking out as it is indeed a unique style.

There wasn’t much this week, but as I checked my Spotify account to make sure there wasn’t anything new that I missed, this gem popped up under “New Releases”.  I don’t know exactly why this infuriated me, but it did.  Our lives are constantly bombarded with political bullshit from both the left and the right.  Every single thing that hits the news becomes a gigantic thing, a new movement every week, with the movement a few weeks prior almost forgotten.  You can’t escape it.  It’s forced on you with your cell phone, it’s consumed late night television, it’s everywhere.  It bothered me that I couldn’t sit down to listen to music, without this being pushed in front of my face.

There is absolutely no reason that this should be on Spotify as “New Music.”

Shame on you Spotify…..


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