Gun Hill Brewing Company: Roll Call EC7

This was a pleasant surprise.  I picked up a can of this on a whim while I was out this afternoon.  I had never heard of Gun Hill Brewing until today, but after having this EC7 East Coast IPA, I would definitely like to visit the tasting room in the Bronx next time I’m in NYC.

As soon as I poured this into the glass, I could tell it was going to be tasty.  The color was so vibrant, it almost looked like my glass was glowing.   And it was……glowing with deliciousness!   This beer smells great, oozing with citrus hops, and continues to get better after every sip.  I’m really surprised that I couldn’t find many reviews on the E7 online.

The Bottle was dated December, so it was a pretty fresh batch.  For so long the West Coast has been known to have the best IPA’s, but lately some of these IPA’s in the East have been outstanding.

If you see this beer on the shelves anywhere, definitely give it a try.  In fact, if you see anything from Gun Hill Brewing, give it a try.

Well Done. 4/5


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