Evil Twin Brewery: Molotov Surprise

This imperial IPA is really out there.  I don’t even feel comfortable giving it a bad review because I’m not entirely certain it’s bad.  Calling this an “imperial IPA” is very generic.  There is a ton going on with this beer.

This beer pours a nice orange amber, emitting strong notes of citrus and tropical fruits, a little caramel, a slight hoppy pine, and alcohol.  This beer has an ABV of 12%, but it’s not smooth.  The boozyness of this beer is about as straight forward as the name itself.  Aside from the boozy taste of this beer, you do get some hops, but also a sweet citrus.  It’s almost tangy.

This isn’t your normal imperial IPA, but if you like more of an experimental element to your beers, this is worth a shot.  I wouldn’t buy this again for myself as it’s not my cup of tea, but I would speak highly of its accomplishments if asked.

A well done beer that I won’t drink again. 4/5

IMG_8634 (2)IMG_8635 (1)

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