Lawson’s Finest Liquids: Sip of Sunshine IPA

I remember a few years ago, I had had this on tap as a “special” at the old Blue Monk in Buffalo, NY.  It was pretty fantastic, and at the time probably one of the best IPAs I had tasted on the East Coast.  Fast forward to a few months ago, the first batch was distributed here in our area in a 4 pack of 16oz cans.  Beer geeks were running all over town, fully erect, searching every store for it, and taking photos of their achievements as if they were banging models.  Like any sane person, I waited until the second batch was delivered, literally 2 months later, where now it is openly mocked as being old news.  Treating beer as fashion is embarrassing.  Write that down.  A vivid reminder of why I detest beer geeks.

This beer isn’t cheap. at $14.99 a six pack, depending on where you live, you may have a few better options.  In Buffalo, we are blessed with many top notch breweries not only making some of the best IPA’s I’ve had, but you can get them insanely fresh.  The date on these cans was January 2018, so it was indeed fresh.

This beer pours a bright golden color with a medium head.  Instantly you are hit with aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine.  There is a bitter fruity flavor with just the right balance of malt.  With an ABV of 8%, this is an outstanding beverage.  Upon further research, this beer holds a 100 rating on  To say this is anything short of fantastic, is simply trying too hard.  I this is something you can get in your area, I highly suggest it.

Another extremely well done IPA out of Vermont. 4.7/5


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