Sierra Nevada Estate Organic Homegrown IPA

There is a lot about this beer that can get you excited when you see this on the counter at the beer store.  Whether it’s the wax coating that covers the beer cap, the classic looking artistic label, or the simple fact that it’s Sierra Nevada, this truly is an eye-catching bottle of beer.

When I was in the beer store holding and debating if I should try this reasonably priced special bottle, the guy stocking the shelf walked by me and said, “Earthy.”

The one thing I hate in the world of beer, is the choice by some breweries to not put dates on their products.  For IPA’s, it is essential.  This bottle did not have a date on it, and against my better judgment I made the purchase.  The man in the store said that he typically gets the beers in a week or so after they are released, and that he just got them in.  Never trust the beer guy.

If my research is correct, this thing came out in late October 2017.  Generously, this beer was probably almost 4 months old.  With that being said, for a 4 month old IPA, this wasn’t terrible.  There was still a mild aroma of hops when the beer was first cracked open.  The wax seal does make a mess when you try uncovering the cap to open it.

I suppose “earthy” was a good way to describe the flavor.  This IPA was more malty then what I would prefer, although it is possible that the newer “juicy” IPA’s are just desensitizing people from appreciating a more classic style IPA.  I have to put that into perspective sometimes.

Overall, this beer tasted more like a really good home-brewed IPA, which isn’t a terrible thing, in fact I think that might be what they were shooting for with this. When this comes out next year, I’d say it’s worth a shot if you can get it close to when it was bottled.

Always check your dates! 3/5


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