What to Expect of Ronda Rousey in the WWE

After months of speculation, Ronda Rousey has finally debuted in the WWE. Just a little less than two weeks ago, she made her first appearance after Asuka (current WWE wrestler) had won the first ever women’s Royal Rumble. For the most part, this was met with praise, and a ton of mainstream media attention. The WWE got exactly what they wanted out of Rousey’s initial appearance.

Now if you follow WWE and pro wrestling in general, you probably know what to expect of her. However, if you haven’t followed WWE in quite some time, and Ronda debuting had peaked your interest, this may answer some questions for you.

Wrestling and Promo Ability

In terms of her being a great in ring competitor, that’ll take time and a lot of it. That’s why many, including long time pro wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer, believe she’ll be used in a tag team match at Wrestlemania. As of now, it’s rumoured that she may compete against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon with the Rock (not confirmed) as her partner. Believe it or not, this is the best possible match for the former UFC champion. It gives Triple H the ability to carry the bout with whoever his male counter part will be, and it allows for Rousey to look dominant against non-wrestler, Stephanie McMahon. The option of a tag match ensures that no spotlight is taken from the other full time women on the roster.

Could they throw her in a title picture right away? Sure, but it would be a disaster waiting to happen. Ronda still needs to find her footing when it comes to being comfortable with a WWE script. Even though she’s had exposure to live mic in the past, it doesn’t mean she’ll be great at cutting promos. A lot of the people that are on the current roster still aren’t comfortable with a WWE script, so just imagine how terrible someone not used to that system would do.

Another thing to keep in mind, today’s WWE fan base isn’t very forgiving to performers. If a wrestler can’t connect through a promo or mic, they’re rejected immediately. The WWE shouldn’t risk throwing Ronda into a singles program until she’s fully ready.

How She’s Booked

Ronda Rousey is one of the all time great UFC competitors, which means she knows how to kick ass. With that being said, people that don’t follow the WWE closely will be critical when she doesn’t have the upper hand in a match. That should never be a point of criticism during Ronda’s time with the company. People must keep in mind that in the fictional world of the WWE, the women are just as tough as the women in MMA. Why? It’s because this is still a TV show that’s based on storylines more than anything else. Also, having Rousey beatdown every women with ease takes credibility away from the rest of the women’s roster.

This doesn’t mean she’ll be booked just like every other woman. She’s still a special attraction that deserves to be showcased with the top competitors. The WWE doesn’t have a bad history with booking former MMA fighters. In case some of you may not realize, they booked Brock as an unstoppable monster, and Shayna Bazler as a dominant competitor that can hang with the vets of NXT. On a smaller note, they’ve also given Sonya Deville some credibility with her MMA background.

Appearances on Raw/Smackdown

Rousey has signed a “full time” contract, but we have still yet to see how often she’ll be in attendance. I think it’s safe to say she won’t be on TV every week, but she’ll be at every TV taping leading to her next PPV match. Also, we shouldn’t expect her to wrestle on Raw or Smackdown. Exposing her wrestling more often than not will eventually hurt her character, and take away the aura she carries.

In terms of what show they’ll put her on, my guess is Raw. Smackdown has been a big priority for the WWE since it went live, but they still have a tendency for giving the bigger moments to Raw. Along with that, Stephanie McMahon is the commissioner of Raw, so it makes sense for the first feud. It would still be cool for her to have a run on Smackdown eventually, just to keep the stories fresh.

Most of what I’m saying is pure speculation, so things can always go differently. For all we know, the complete opposite can happen. However, I think my expectations and predictions are fair.

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