Saying Goodbye to Facebook (Kind of)

I had quit Facebook. Well kind of…

Coincidentally, right around the time the whole Cambridge Analytica thing came to light, I decided to quit Facebook. It didn’t have anything to do with the news, as I found the entire thing to be a complete joke. I had been tossing it around for a while.

A while back, my mother told me something that my 4 year old daughter had said to her. She told my mom that she didn’t want a cell phone when she grew up, because her dad was always looking at his. This made me angry, mostly because it was true. I run a business, so I get many emails and messages requiring immediate customer service. But, I won’t feed that line to you. I used to tell myself that one all of the time. Everyone uses excuses. It was a Facebook problem.

I’d never really be doing anything productive on Facebook. Mainly it was just thumbing through my news feed, looking for someone to piss me off. That would happen multiple times a day. In today’s political climate, everyone has all kinds of people shoving their beliefs down your throat, and virtue signaling like you wouldn’t believe. Why did I need that?

I had read an article a while back (I don’t remember where) that talked about cell phone addicts being the new “alcoholics” to our children when they grow up. It would be a similar memory that the kid with the drunk parent had, except instead of a bottle, it’s a phone.

Immediately, I deactivated my Facebook account. They provide you with a link that can download everything you ever posted on there as a backup. But deactivating it wasn’t enough. I wanted to delete it. They do not make this easy at all. The only way I found to get this option to delete, is to actually search for “delete” in the “help” section.

After I deleted my profile, I deleted the app from my phone. The next two days were very strange. I quickly noticed the extra time I had, while also habitually grabbing my phone to use the app I no longer had. I found myself using my phone a lot less, in fact my mom would frequently get annoyed that I wasn’t responding to texts. I simply didn’t have my phone on me as much. It was nice. I was also a lot less angry with people in general.

One thing about a Facebook-free life is missing out on things like concert announcements, sales, and other events. This was becoming an issue for me. After some thought, I decided to use my business page to follow the things that I like, but no people.  This way I could get all of the news and events I genuinely wanted, without wanting to punch someone. I would still keep the app off my phone, and I would only check the news feed a few times a day while at work. This system worked for me, and continues to work.

There is no doubt about it. Social media sites are difficult to quit entirely. If only there was some app that would just gather all the Facebook stuff I wanted, and send it to me in an email.

This new method though has definitely improved my life.


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