Westbrook Brewing Co. IPA

Aside from being a fan of IPAs, I also fancy the occasional Sour. Westbrook makes one of the best Goses I’ve ever tasted. When I saw their IPA on the shelf, I was giddy with excitement. Priced at $12.99 a six pack, I grabbed one off the shelf and brought it home to meet the family.

I was honestly taken back by this beer. It was dated 3/5/18, so it was really fresh. The Westbrook IPA pours a golden haze with a nice white head. There are hits of citrus and hops, but an equal representation of malt. It definitely didn’t seem like a beer with “massive hop flavor” like the description written on the can.

This isn’t a terrible beer. The flavors in this beer are easy to identify and simple. The citrus and pine that the hops bring, along with more malt then you would typically taste in today’s IPAs. I think the reason I was so taken back by this beer, is because it is so incredibly ordinary. I was not expecting it at all. Their Gose is so bold, and so “in your face,” that I was expecting more from this IPA.

This is going to be a 6 pack I finish, but not one that I will ever buy again. If it were 10 years ago, this beer would rank high on the list for me, but in today’s over-saturated market of great beer, this one is lost.



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