A Fantastic New Product For Your Face

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but more and more “manly” products have been showing up in the shaving isles of stores. They all seem to follow the latest trend of rugged, woodsy, ceder, pine, or bourban scents. Oddly enough, I have fallen for these products. There is something about them that I enjoy. While many of these products are awful, Lumber Yard might be one of the best I have used.

Browsing the shaving isle at target, I was drawn to the simplistic design of the Lumber Yard products. The first one I grabbed was the Lumber Yard Beard Wash. The back of the package touted the usual benefits of using beard wash, but then mentioned that it smelled like saw dust. What? Yeah..I had to try this. Wanting to have the whole experience, I also grabbed the “Utility Balm,” which was described as a moisturizer for your hair, skin, beard, or tattoo. This was also supposed to smell like saw dust.

After finding my wife in the store, listening to her laugh and mock me for being a sucker, I went home and showered so that I could turn into Paul Bunyon. The shampoo was amazing. Not only did it smell like saw dust, but the smallest amount produced a ton of lather. Once I got out, I started to apply the Utility Balm. Once again, it smelled just like saw dust. The best part was that it wasn’t overwhelming, but subtle. I applied some to my facial hair and some areas near my nose and cheeks that typically get dry. I have noticed a huge difference and it smells great.

When I was finished doing all of this, I went down stairs feeling extremely masculine (which is weird because none of what I had just done was very manly). I made my wife smell my beard, which she reluctantly did, and she was pleasantly surprised.

Lumber Yard products are probably the best I have used. Looks like I found a product I can stick with.

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