God dammit. Here I am again. Every year this happens, where you look and feel OK in the summer, and then the fall and winter hit…

My clothes are a little snug. That vintage t-shirt is in danger of being stretched out as tries desperately to cover my often beer filled stomach. It’s probably time to diet.

My doctor had told me to stop calling it a diet. “It’s not a diet, its a lifestyle change..”, she says. If I call it that, I won’t do it. I need it to be called a diet. I need it to be something that looks like this shitty challenge that I need to overcome. Truth is, I love terrible food.  I love beer. I love all of it.

My app of choice is going to be “iTrackBites.” In the past, I was able to find success in Weight Watchers, but the issue with that was the price. I hate throwing away money like that.  This app allows you to track with the same point system as Weight Watchers without draining your wallet.

I has also tried “Noom,” which was not only a gigantic rip off, but a pile of shit app. Every day they would give you these terrible things to read, while providing you with the worst tracking software imaginable. All for a whopping $45.00 a month.

So this is day 1, I’ll log it all. Beards and Banter is back up and running. Hopefully instead of feeding my face, I can feed some content into this site.

Starting weight: 215

See you soon.