Sometimes You Need a Little Action…

As a lifelong action movie fan, I love to get a glimpse into some of the movies coming out in 2019, while also looking at some that are out currently that I haven’t seen. Here are three I’m looking forward to.

“We All Die Young” – Jean Claude Van Damme

Van Damme has always been one of my favorite action stars. If you are familiar with his catalog, his early movies are legendary, then he went through a really terrible low budget phase. Finally in 2008, Van Damme “found himself” again with “JCVD.” Embracing new his aged and weathered look, Van Damme was able to reinvent himself. This movie looks no different.

Van Damme plays Daniel, an Afghanistan war veteran, that moves into a neighborhood only to discover conflict involving two young boys and MS-13. From the looks of the trailer, Van Damme tries to silently help one of the boys until he is pushed to kick all of their asses. This one isn’t out yet, but I can’t wait to see it.

“Backtrace” – Sylvester Stallone

Every day we get one step closer to “Rambo 5.” In the meantime, this 2018 film, “Backtrace,” might hold me off. While I am hesitant to try watching this due to the absolutely terrible reviews thing thing has, I also find it intriguing. How bad can it be!?

“The Bouncer” – Jean Claude Van Damme

“The only thing I know is, that your name is Lukas, you’re a bouncer, and that you beat the shit out of a kid”.  Once again, Van Damme plays this older guy in his 50’s raising an 8 year old. He gets approached by a club owner to be a bouncer, where Van Damme is taken into a room full of dudes. The owner then says, “Last man standing gets the job.”  Of course my inner 13 year old immediately became giddy with excitement. This looks totally awesome. I will be watching this soon and probably reviewing it.


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